EQ1aaSession guitarist. Band member. Engineer. Producer. Music Publisher. Commercial Studio owner. Project Studio Pioneer.

If Jimmy Johnson had merely achieved competence in so many facets of his profession, his music would be note worthy. That he became so successful at each makes his career a virtual one-of-a-kind. But it’s when you listen to Jimmy Johnson’s stories of professional life lived almost entirely behind soundproof glass that his unique and staggering breadth of musical experience begins to sound like American pop music history itself.

Not that Jimmy would ever take himself that seriously. Watch his face while he answers, “Dumb luck” to the question, “What contributed most to your success?” and you’ll swear he half expects you to supply a better answer. But his opinion turns out not to be typical “aw-shucks” Southern self-depreciation. Jimmy Johnson really believes he’s one of the luckiest “pickers” to walk the earth.

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